We study, obsess over, and specialize in health insurance so you don't have to.

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Family Owned & Run

Our company is run by a small group of family oriented agents who understand what it means to place family first in your decisions. Our licensed and trained team of dedicated Healthcare Solution Specialists understand the challenges that your family faces personally. We're working for you, NOT the insurance company.

Huge Choice of Carriers

We work with over 450 carriers based all over the contiguous United States (adding more all the time!) so we huge variety of policies available for your unique needs.

Personal Account Manager

We pride ourselves so much on our personal, bespoke service that we assign every account holder their own 'go-to' account manager.

24/7 Assistance & Support

You will be given an 'always on' direct phone number should you need to get in emergency contact with us. We will always be available to assist you.
About us

Let's get you a good nights sleep after you hire us to handle your coverage.

Our Values Mission Company Goal
Member focused
Dedication to service
Known to get a bit silly
Corporate Social Responsibility
Commitment to long term results
Ethics and Integrity minded leadership
Working together as a team
Adopting leading technology
Developing innovative and custom solutions
Continually improving our member satisfaction
Creating an empowered and self-fulfilling culture
Respect for all
Speed in servicing
Unquestionable integrity
Excellence in everything we do

My Health Group  

Proudly serving families throughout the contiguous United States. We’re on a mission to hear “thank you” 1,000,000 times by providing five star service. One solution at a time.

Our cutting edge technology, commitment to asking the important questions, and real time underwriting enable us to hand-craft the best custom solutions for you.

Service Experience
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Mike Cardoso & Lavar Bennett

Founders & Partners
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The remaining 5% is you.

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Protecting what's most important

My Health Group serves throughout the contiguous United States by protecting the people we work with just as if we were protecting our own family. We’re aiming for long term solutions with you starting today, and expanding well into your adventure filled & enriched retirement.

Health Insurance

With more than 450 different carriers at our disposal, we will custom tailor the right plan for your unique situation.


Your mouth has a direct vein to your heart. Good oral health can contribute significantly to your overall health! Let's find you the right dental coverage today.

Life Insurance

Help protect lost income, pay for higher education, and cover debts or burial costs.


Our Healthcare Solution Specialists will teach you about your options with Medicare. We'll turn you into a confident expert when we're through. Let's begin today.
Why choose us?

My Health Group is committed to help clients reach their goals.

We don’t pursue every company that needs health insurance. We choose only clients that share in our values. It takes teamwork and a solid commitment to good communication to ensure you’re able to accomplish your goals.

We Can Save You Money.
Our Healthcare Solutions are flexible
A Fast, Easy Application.
No pressure
Working for you, NOT the insurance company

Our expert team will assist you

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Reliable. Personable. Fast.

Start a fast, free health insurance consultation with My Health Group. We help you find the solutions that are right for you, so you’re left empowered and in control of your options thanks to our 450+ different insurance carrier options!

Get your insurance solution – typically in 20 minutes or less. If you’re not thrilled with your current insurance Switch to My Health Group for a smart solution from a brand you can trust.

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