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Dental Insurance is not complicated or expensive when you work with one of our licensed Healthcare Solution Specialists. Let’s explore options to protect your loved ones.

What is Dental Insurance?

Having dental insurance can give you much-needed peace of mind—especially considering the high cost of dental work. With a quality dental insurance policy, you can get coverage for anything from routine exams and cleanings to more complex procedures such as root canals and extractions.

What’s usually covered in dental insurance plans

Like other types of health coverage, dental plan benefits vary by plan. However, in general, a dental insurance policy will cover benefits such as:

  • Regular checkups and cleanings, usually twice a year (out-of-pocket copay may be required)
  • Cavity fillings
  • Tooth extractions
  • X-rays
  • Crowns, bridges, and implants
  • Root canals and other necessary repair work
  • Dental appliances (i.e., retainers)
  • Emergency dental procedures, such as oral surgery

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